Star Academy: who are the three nominees of the week?

We know the first nominees for this new season of Star Academy. In the October 19 episode, Michael Goldman came to announce the verdict to the students after deliberating with the faculty, following the terrible evaluations.

They are as feared by the students of Star Academy as they are appreciated by their viewers: the terrible evaluations. At the time, when Jenifer and Nolwenn Leroy revised their text and their choreography until no time, the promotion of this 2022 vintage, considered a little too wise, prepared for this deadline most seriously. of the world. All, except Julien, the troublemaker of the band, who released the pressure in his own way before going on the grill.

Those who tuned in to the daily, this Wednesday, October 19, were able to witness the severe verdict of the teaching staff on his performance, judging the brother of another tele-hook candidate a little too dispersed.

On the other hand, Yanis Marshall and his colleagues appreciated the performances of Anisha, Louis, and even Paola, the dance teacher even crying hot tears in front of the proposal of the first two. As for Léa, who definitely does nothing like the others, she lost all her means in front of the jury, asking to postpone her passage to better convince them of her Beyoncé potential.

And the three nominees of the week are…

We have to believe that her nerve has paid off since the young optician is not one of the three nominees of the week, unlike Ahcène, Amisse, and Julien. The lyrical singing enthusiast missed his interpretation of the hit Je Suis un Homme by Zazie, while the Francilienne, a fan of Aya Nakamura, crashed while singing Envole Moi by Jean-Jacques Goldman.

Michael Goldman came in person to announce the sentence to the apprentice singers, who were flabbergasted when the verdict was announced. ” A little general message for all: already, congratulations! “, First began the director of the castle. And to continue:” Let’s go, the nominees of the week are Amisse, Ahcène, and Julien “. All three will have to prove themselves in Saturday’s prime, where they will be in an ejection seat.

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