Man spends over $120,000 on plastic surgery to look like Britney Spears

Brian Rae is as big a fan as Britney Spears fans get, with the Los Angeles native has spent tens of thousands of pounds looking like the star and insisting he’s “not done yet”.

Ray began working to become more like his idol when he was 17 and claims to have been “obsessed” with the pop star for more than two decades.

As a teenager, Ray got veneers to match his and Britt’s smiles, and 18 years later he spent more than $120,000 (£106,975) on cosmetic surgery.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Ray explained: ‘I’ve been doing this since I was 17 and I’m not done yet. I am a work of art in progress. Ray, who runs an edible medical marijuana business, added: “Am I perfect? No, absolutely not. [But] when I look in the mirror, I’m very happy.”

Brian Ray has spent tens of thousands of pounds to look like Britney Spears. Photo Credit: Instagram/@beeray416. So far, she has had cheek implants, lip augmentation, two nose jobs, and an eyelid lift. She also gets botox and fillers every six months and has hair removal surgery every eight weeks.

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Although he admits he has no intention of stopping the operation and says he is “happy” with the job, Ray told the paper he knows he will never look “exactly” like the star and insisted: “[I] just want to look as [copies].”

“I never had a thought I would look 100 percent like her,” he added.

He just wants to “look like the singer instead of being 100 percent like her. Photo Credit: Instagram/@beeray416

“I really understand my face, my symmetry, my facial features, and what I do is work with plastic surgeons to see what facial features can be changed in a Britney-inspired way to resemble her look.”

Ray has over 100,000 followers on Instagram and is the first to admit that not everyone “gets” what they’re doing.

“I also understand that people don’t get it. People might call me weird or crazy, but I think if I’m open about it, it will help remove the stigma.”

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Ray continued, “It is not for everyone and I don’t encourage everyone to get plastic surgery, but I do encourage everyone to be body positive in whatever way works for you.”

Ray has met Spears several times. Credit: Instagram/@beeray416 Ray, who has dated Spears several times, explained that meeting the Lucky hitmaker was his favorite.

“All over Maui, at this little outdoor festival, I finally met my icon.

“She was not as glamorous as in the music videos and had very little if any make-up on, but she was so beautiful.”