Lakeland Shooting: 10 people injured, 2 people in surgery

Lakeland Shooting: After a drive-by shooting in the middle of the day in a Lakeland neighborhood, ten individuals were injured. Authorities are still looking for the four suspects and their blue car.

Chief Sam Taylor reported that shots were fired and a dark blue, four-door Nissan vehicle was spotted slowing down close to the shooting location. According to investigators, there were likely four shooters present inside the car.

Together with Heartland Crime Stoppers, Lakeland police are offering a $5,000 reward for information that results in an arrest. Call 1-800-226-8477 or go to the website to leave an anonymous tip.

Around 3:43 PM on Monday, a shooting took place near Plum Street and North Iowa Avenue.

When police arrived, they discovered three shooting victims who were all brought to the hospital. The remaining passengers have driven around in private vehicles. As of Monday night, two individuals required surgery and were in severe condition.

The shooting was not thought to have been random by investigators. Police stated that they are uncertain as to whether or not all casualties were intended targets or if any may have been caught in the crossfire.

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According to Chief Taylor, he has never worked a case like this in his thirty years with the organization.

“This doesn’t happen in Lakeland,” Chief Taylor said. “I’ve been here 34 years, and I can tell you I have never worked an event where this many people have been shot at one time, ever.”

About 25 policemen and 15 detectives, according to chief Taylor, responded to the shooting.

Tina Smith, a local resident, provided home security footage to FOX 13 and claimed that her kids had just gotten off the school bus when the shooting started. The 30-second clip featured gunshots.

“Get in the house,” she said in the video. “I’ll call for help.”

Police reported finding a significant amount of marijuana at the location and said that there may have been a drug sale taking place at the time.