Death of Queen Elizabeth II: which member of the royal family fainted when the queen’s coffin arrived?

Queen Elizabeth’s coffin arrived at Westminster Hall to be unveiled to the public on Wednesday 14 September. The BBC, which filmed the event, caught an unexpected moment, the fainting of a guard. On Thursday, September 15, Hello Magazine revealed that a member of the royal family was also feeling unwell.

II. Elizabeth began her last journey. On Monday, September 19, the late British monarch will join her husband, Prince Philip, in the Royal Vault at St George’s Chapel. His father VI. Geordi and his mother, the Queen Mother, who died in 2002, are now laid to rest there.

The ashes of her sister Princess Margit, who died almost two months before her mother, are also buried there. The ruler was buried in a closed space, in the presence of his family. However, before he found eternal rest with his family, II. Elizabeth deserves the honors of her people. After the moving vigil of the princes in Saint Gilles Cathedral in Edinburgh III. The body of King Charles’ mother was brought home to London.

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On the afternoon of September 14, the lead coffin, carried by eight guardsmen, made its way from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, where it will lie on display until the funeral the following Monday. Thousands of mourning subjects and, of course, members of the royal family moved to follow the mournful convoy and accompany the Queen.

Unrest in the royal ranks

The oak casket, covered with the royal banner and the imperial crown, and shining with thousands of lights, entered Westminster Hall. Behind him are the Queen’s four children, except for Andrew, in military uniform. Just behind them are his two grandsons, William (in uniform) and Harry in suits, accompanied by their wives.

On the Westminster side, the rest of the royal family, including Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie and Lady Louise, Prince Edward’s daughter. The event, recorded by the BBC, captured the unexpected moment, the discomfort of the guards, as members of the public began to circulate to pay their respects to the Queen. Two policemen immediately rescued him, because of the seizure, the broadcast of the event was interrupted briefly while they gave him help.

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However, according to Hello Magazine, the security guard was not the only one who felt unwell yesterday. Our colleagues say that the royal ranks were excited when entering the coffin. Lady Gabriella’s husband was seen rescuing his wife with the help of a member of the royal staff. Michael’s daughter, the Duchess of Kent and the Queen’s first cousin, will then disappear from screens during the service before reappearing at the end of the ceremony to leave Westminster on the arm of her husband Thomas Kingston. Fatigue, excessive emotions? There is still no explanation for this inconvenience…