Bones found enveloped by material after authorities recognize the skeletal remaining parts

A SET of bones found enveloped by fabric have been recognized as those of a missing lady who evaporated in 2017.

The skeletal remaining parts of Amy Hambrick, 29, were found by a canine walker in Youngstown, Ohio, last month.

Police on Tuesday affirmed the scientific specialists distinguished the missing lady by her jawbone and dental records.

Yet, secret remaining parts with regards to the conditions encompassing the mother of-one’s demise.

Furthermore, the examination concerning her vanishing stays open.

Youngstown police Chief of Detectives Captain Jason Simon said: “Somebody realizes what occurred.”

The officer added: “We’re asking to speak to either that individual because there’s clearly a side to the story here.

“Or anyone that has information about her discovery. ”

Hambrick disappeared in November 2017 after leaving home and not making it to a friend’s house.

Her mom, Debby Dolin, said in 2018: “She left from Youngstown and she was supposed to meet up at a friend’s house in North Jackson.

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“I know that there are people who know what happened to Amy.”

Speaking about Amy’s daughter, Dolin added: “Her and Jayden were like two peas in a pod, always together.”

“She misses her mommy so much.

“You can remain anonymous. Just give us something that’s going to let us know where my daughter is or what’s happened to her.”

It’s unclear how long the remains were in the woods before they were found.


Youngstown Mayor Jamael Tito Brown said: “Today is going to be an opportunity for us to provide closure to this family.