Artist Akon uncovers appalling insights concerning last video Chat with buddy Michael Jackson few days before star’s drug demise

MICHAEL Jackson concealed the profundity of his physician endorsed illicit drug use in his last weeks, his buddy Akon has uncovered.

Talking as another stunner narrative dives into the King of Pop’s downfall, R&B star Akon told how he saw no alerts on his last video call with Michael Jackson.

The companions – who teamed up on the Thriller 25 collection and hit two part harmony Hold My Hand – visited only fourteen days before Jackson’s terrible excess passing in June 2009 at 50 years old.

The artist, 49, told The U.S. Sun: “He didn’t look sick and he didn’t move like he was sick.

“He was the sort of individual that on the off chance that he was not feeling great he wouldn’t agree that anything. He never believed that anybody should see his most fragile minutes.

“Michael was an awesome figure to everyone, and he generally needed to show others how its done. He felt that strength ought to be shown.

“So if he was sick the only person that would know that would be his doctor or maybe one of the managers but as far as people out there in the world he would never show that. He could be as sick as a dog in front of you, but you would never know as he would act like everything is okay.”

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St. Louis-conceived Akon was talking in front of the debut this seven day stretch of Fox TV narrative TMZ Investigates: Who Really Killed Michael Jackson.

The TV extraordinary blames late dermatologist to the stars Dr Arnold Klein for getting MJ snared on pain relievers.

Jackson’s ex Debbie Rowe told the narrative that she feels regretful about holding on while her manager Dr Klein dealt with patients like MJ.

A Jackson family source let The Sun know that a portion of his family members and companions had been left “confused” by what Rowe said.

Akon says that he was confused that Jackson was taking strong sedation Propofol with the guide of his primary care physician Conrad Murray.

Murray was sentenced in was sentenced in 2011 for compulsory homicide for giving the portion of Propofol that killed Jackson in Los Angeles.

Akon said: “If you know Mike the way I know him, the only person that can be liable for anything to happen to Mike when it comes to prescriptions would be the doctor.

“Because nobody got close enough to Mike to even do that. And Mike never had drugs around him.

“I know for sure because I was around him for almost two years straight and didn’t see any of that.

“The only person that could be liable for anything to happen to Mike when it comes to prescription drugs would definitely be the doctor.”


Akon was also adamant he would have stepped in to save the superstar had he witnessed anything unusual.

He explained: ”Believe me, if it would ever cross my path, me personally, believe me, Mike wouldn’t be doing any of that.

“Because when we were together, drugs weren’t even a conversation. He knows I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t do any kind of drugs.

“From my understanding, me knowing him, he didn’t smoke, he didn’t drink, he didn’t do any kind of drugs.”

Akon also told how Jackson was both a professional inspiration and a sensitive soul away from the limelight.

He said: “Working with him was probably the biggest honor of my life. I grew up and like many others was a huge Michael fan.

“He was amazing. But there was two sides to Michael – the entertainer  and person. The entertainer was always perfect.

“He would not settle for anything less than amazing.

“I felt like he put too much on himself when he became an entertainer, because he always wanted the world to experience something they had never felt before. He was a perfectionist to its core.

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“I go with the flow more, but Mike never believed in that.

“He felt it had to be the most incredible thing anybody had seen or heard or experience. He lived and ran by that.”

The Sun revealed earlier this week that Akon believes Jackson took sleeping pills in the lead-up to his death because he was trying to put on the “greatest show on earth” and was too excited to sleep.

He also explained how MJ’s drive was a “gift and a curse” as he prepared for the This Is It concert residency at the 02 Arena in London in 2009.

Akon spoke about his friend as he promoted his new single Enjoy That and the release of an EP called Konvict Kulture Presents Teemanay.

He explained: “In Enjoy That the chorus says, ‘Why have a life like mine if you don’t take the time to enjoy that s***?’

“It’s a reflection of all the stuff that I’ve been experiencing. I’m having the most amazing life, but the problem is I never really have time to enjoy it.”


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