A man and Two Children found shot dead after sickening park attack

A MAN has allegedly shot two children to death before killing himself in an apparent murder-suicide, according to reports.

Ten-month-old Lily and two-year-old Ronnie were reportedly gunned down in the tragedy in Shreveport, Louisiana, around 8pm on Tuesday.

Police said the horror unfolded in a mobile home as a row broke out between a man and woman.

The woman was injured and the man took the two children by force to local Bill Cockrell Metro Park, KTBS reports.

There, he shot them both, before turning the gun on himself.

Police said they found a baby under one and a man dead in a car at the scene, while a second child was rushed to hospital.

The second child is understood to have died the next day.

According to KTBS, the children’s grandmother is Brandy Moreno, who created a GoFundMe to help pay for the funeral expenses.

In a heartbreaking post, she said the children had been “abducted and murdered”.

She wrote: “Last night both of my grandbabies age ten months and two years old were abducted and murdered.

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“I am setting up this fund to pay for funeral expenses. Please donate if you can and please share this.”

While details on those involved have not yet been formally released, police confirmed that the man and the woman knew each other.

Police spokesman Chris Bordelon, said: “We never want to see violent crimes, but when you see violent crimes that are affecting small children and in this case one of these children was less than a year old.

“That is a certain type of evil that is really hard to put into words and it’s very hard to comprehend.”

Two Children