A BOY shot in the head twice and stabbed during the Thailand nursery massacre, has miraculously survived.

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Boy, 3, shot in the head twice and stabbed during Thailand nursery massacre miraculously survives

Three-year-old Sumaee was at the childcare centre in Uhthai Sawan, when former cop Panya Kamrap killed a total of 36 people in a gun and knife rampage.

Evil Kamrap barged into a locked room and slaughtered 24 sleeping children who had been settling down for a nap.

Sumaee narrowly survived the attack after neurosurgeons removed the bullets from his head and managed to keep him in a stable condition.

The boy’s mother Joy said her son had been stabbed by evil Kamrap before the deranged killer shot him twice in a bid to finish the job.

She revealed she almost “fainted” when she heard the news about the bloodshed, fearing Sumaee had been killed.

But minutes after the massacre her husband spotted paramedics carrying their young son into an ambulance before taking him to hospital.

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Joy, whose surname hasn’t been revealed, told Sky News: “I was holding his legs and feet in the ambulance and trying to tell him to be strong.”

Joy also revealed her distress after her son begged her not to take him to nursery that day, but she “forced him”.

Yesterday it emerged three-year-old Paveenut Supolwong, was the only child left unscathed from Thailand’s deadliest mass killing.

The young girl stayed asleep, hidden under blankets, when the shooter launched his psychotic plot.

Her mum, Panompai Sithong, believed her daughter survived because the cold-blooded killer must have thought the child was already dead.